AJ has canceled the contract with Guangsha, Shougang dare not look down on single foreign aid opponents
Tonight in the 17th round of the CBA regular season, the Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team will face the Zhejiang Guangsha team at home.Old friend Alan Jackson (AJ) has already terminated the contract with the Guangsha team, and the new small foreign aid has not yet been put in place.Faced with the opponent’s single foreign aid battle, Shougang head coach Yanis still hopes that the team will not underestimate the enemy.Yanis reminded Shougang team members not to underestimate their opponents.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Jiangshe AJ will not be able to return to Wukesong as an opponent tonight. When referring to the old man, Yanis still reflects extremely high evaluation: “AJ is a meaningful defender, what he can bringThe way of playing is very wise, this is a fact.For a team, they do not have such a foreign aid, of course, to reduce points.”He also pointed out that the opponent’s single foreign aid does not mean that the Shougang team will come in and out,” sometimes when a team of foreign aid, it can stimulate the team’s combat power, and the ability of other players can be exerted.Not only has our team done this, other teams have done it.The local players of the Guangsha team are very good and have the ability to stand up in difficult times.”Guangsha team’s big foreign aid Pramley has just played a game with the team, but the local players have both outside shooter groups and high-level insiders like Hu Jinqiu.As a weakness of the other party.Shougang also suffered personnel losses, and the deputy captain Wang Xiaohui, who was absent due to a leg injury, will continue to be absent tonight.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Liu Baoqing