Major reform of NBA referee system, key penalty records open to the public
According to “USA Today” report, the NBA referee system has once again ushered in major reforms-starting from next Monday local time (Tuesday, Beijing time), NBA officials will release all law enforcement records to the public, especially the last two minutes of the game and overtime.Key penalty records.These law enforcement records were previously only circulated internally and will not be released to the public.  To deal with the public’s doubts about the punishment, our past method was to publish the law enforcement records after the conflict intensified. Obviously this is not a practical method.This is actually not a fair and stable system, because you are only correcting mistakes and admitting that the mistakes you made will not help.Our goal now is to establish a stable and reliable system.Mike Bartom, vice president of the NBA referee.The NBA’s referee enforcement records will be published on the NBA’s official website and other media in the league.  According to the NBA’s new regulations, the referee’s previous day’s enforcement records will be published at 5 pm local time every day.In this record, the official will respond to the most controversial punishment, comment and attach a video.The focus of this enforcement record will be on the final two minutes of regular time penalty, especially in the last two minutes of the game within 5 points.All overtime is the focus of attention.  The referee has great opinions about our previous system.Because the controversy may generally be a misjudgment, we officially announced a bad penalty, which made the referee uncomfortable.Now that all records have been published, there are no problems in this regard. Everyone can see the good and the bad, and the referee supports us.Bartom continued.The NBA announced a series of reforms to the refereeing system this season, such as establishing a game replay center, such as announcing a referee memo, etc.(childlike innocence)