The singer’s termination is like divorce, and every viewing experience is unpleasant
Recently, singer Wu Qingfeng was sued by former agent Lin Weizhe, and the two parties will confront each other in the courtroom on the attribution of the copyright of most early works of sodagreen.In fact, the popular artist and the original company will not renew the contract after the contract expires, which has caused the problem of copyright ownership of the previous works in the popular music industry.Especially for singer-songwriters like Wu Qingfeng, because it involves not only the copyright ownership of the recording of the work, but also the question of who should own the copyright of the song and song.>>> Universal Music responded to Wu Qingfeng’s prosecution: He never transferred the copyright of lyrics to Lin Weizhe Wu Qingfeng.Tu Yuanqi Weibo American famous singer Taylor Swift (Mould) lost the copyright of the finished classic works after the expiration of the Big Machine contract with the original company in 2018, and she plans to renew these works in the next few yearsRecord to overwrite the original version.The most popular Chinese-language band Mayday left Rolling Stones in 2006 to set up Believe Music, and its first album Believe in Music, “Living for Love”, could not be reprinted for a long time because of the dispute over the copyright of the work.Recently, Mayday also began to transcribe some early works (such as “Gentleness” in collaboration with Sun Yanzi).This is very similar to the moldy approach, and may have a similar purpose.The performing arts industry is full of straightforward utilitarianism and snobbery.Most of the artists are not equal in terms of bargaining chips with brokers / records in the early stages of their careers. The first contract they sign is often dominated by the company.Become a more valuable star; on the other hand, out of the dependence on the company and the mentality of return to the “kindness of knowing”, new people will often accept some unfair terms, such as some companies in the debut of artistsA year will divide 90% of its brokerage income, and the copyright of the work will often be fully held by the company in such an unfair contract.For some singers who broke out during the first contract, they will definitely have to fight for their due benefits when the first contract expires, they cannot continue according to the terms of the first contractIf the conditions given by the original company are not satisfactory, they may choose to sign a contract with another company or set up their own studio.At this time, both parties will fight for the rights and interests of the songs that can make money for them (including but not limited to the copyright of the lyrics, the copyright of the finished recording, the right to live performance, the right to sign, the right to adapt the film and television works, etc.)This is like a couple about to divorce fighting for custody of their children.But unlike children, a song that proves its commercial value will really bring economic benefits.Mayday believes in the cover of the album “Living for Love”.Sometimes, both the company and the artist are friendly enough, then they may take part of each. It is more common in the industry that the artist reserves the performance rights, song copyright and signature rights, etc., while the company retains the copyright of the finished product.This means that most of the revenue from the original recorded version of the song (such as the version of “Little Love Song” in the “Little Universe” album) still belongs to the original company, and they can continue to authorize the recording to the film and television.The play is a patch song, but the singer who created the song (for example, Wu Qingfeng) can sing the song freely in the performance, or like the mold, Mayday, make a new version, from this songNew profits can be found in the “IP” of the company, and even they can make “You at the same table” like Gao Xiaosong into a movie.In short, everyone properly allocated the rights and interests of the song through consultation, which is like a relatively gentle divorce agreement.But sometimes, when both parties or one of them wants to maximize profits, it needs to be resolved through legal channels. For example, Lin Weizhe sued Wu Qingfeng in response to Wu Qingfeng ‘s early performance in his concert after the, Lin Weizhe did not want to recognize Wu Qingfeng’s performance rights to the original works.This approach is similar to some new music companies buying out the copyright of their works and hype on short video platforms, and when singers become famous with this song, they will draw from the singer’s commercial performance income.We can see that because the rights and interests of a famous work can bring considerable income, many people are actually unable to resist this temptation.In this case, the company and the artist need to go to the court to study the original contract text and the various details discussed by both parties in order to be able to occupy more rights in the work.This muddy fight is like a divorce with a torn face.It is true that every pair of companies and entertainers facing the lawsuit for termination of contract often have the sweet years of struggle and growth together.Lin Weizhe, as a senior producer who has experienced blacklist studios, Moyan and other labels, used his bright eyes to catch the soda green with a unique voice in the Ocean Music Festival, and helped them complete from independent bands to first-line heavenly groups.In order to promote Mayday, Rolling Stone rented Taipei City Football Stadium to hold a free concert for them; and Big Machine also explored the style that best suits her for Taylor Swift.Like every couple who fell into divorce, they had a wonderful time together.But a good meeting may not be able to break up, when faced with a breakup, they often fall into the bareest desire for benefits.They will hurt each other like Nicole and Charlie in “Marriage Story”, and all this will only become more naked as a commercial dispute.Intuitively, of course, we will recognize that the singer has natural rights to the lyrics he created.But legally, everyone has different agreements with record companies, and the final debate still has to start from the text.All of this is chaotic and decent, and every show is a series of dramas that are not pleasant to watch.□ The famous detective (music critic) who did nothing, editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen Proofreader Li Lijun