[Can you eat trotters for weight loss]_Recommended diet

  There is no doubt that the trotters contain a large amount of collagen and elastin, as well as some other substances that are beneficial to the human body, and are loved and welcomed by female friends.

However, trotters also contain high cholesterol and high molecular weight. Too much food will inevitably lead to weight gain. For friends who want to supplement collagen and are at the stage of weight loss, this may become a confusing problem.

I’m afraid of eating, but I want to add nutrition if I don’t eat.

  So, can we eat pork trotters for weight loss?

Actually it is okay, what is important is how much you eat.

Relative to pork, the trace content in trotters is much smaller than it, but for friends during weight loss, even 0.

The formaldehyde content of 1g will also attract their high attention.

However, because the trotters are rich in collagen, collagen can effectively promote the absorption and retention of moisture by skin cells, prevent skin wrinkles, make the skin look smooth and plump, and it can be broken to achieve a cosmetic effect.
Elastin can increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin firm and delicate.

This is a very attractive condition for the majority of female friends.

  In fact, as long as you strictly control the range, according to your actual situation, balance your diet, and eat some pork trotters in moderation, you can not only supplement collagen, but not seriously and seriously, why not?

In addition, trotters are rich in nutrients, which can prevent leg cramps. During weight loss, it will inevitably fail to keep up with certain required nutrients. Eating trotters is enough to help the body grow and develop, and it can also fully balance the role of diet.
Weight loss is a lasting thing, if you do n’t eat trotters every day, and occasionally torment yourself, it is not unreasonable.

Therefore, we can eat trotters to lose weight.