KO Tai Chi Master’s post ended a bunch of Xu Xiaodong called PK Wudang master
Recently, Xu Xiaodong, who is known as the first person in China’s MMA, has a 5-second video of KO Tai Chi master Lei Lei, which has caused a lot of discussion online.There are too many voices to sing Taijiquan, so many players formally launched a warfare to Xu Xiaodong, hoping to correct the name of traditional martial arts.Watch the video: The Taiji Great Master is about to fight the fighting expert for 30 seconds. The KO video has no power to fight back. The Weibo is called Chen Jiagou. The Weibo openly posts to Xu Xiaodong on the social platform. Chen Xiangwu’s disciple Li Guangjin, Wang Zhanjun brother, and his disciple HanFeilong and Chen Ziqiang also have many players who have formally launched a war to Xu.At the time of final publication, Xu Xiaodong did not respond.However, a lot of netizens are very much looking forward to this possible duel, and they hope Tai Chi will win.Come on for a breath!, Can we start live broadcasting at that time?,Great!Finally someone stood up to help Kang Fu justice!  The match between Xu Xiaodong and Lei Lei was quite famous in the first battle. After the game, he seemed to have some soft hands to close the post. So far, Xu Xiaodong announced on the social platform that he accepted the challenge of the Chinese Wudang master. Xu Xiaodong changed to: I took this job!Please start contacting, I want to challenge the head of Chinese Wudang, He Xirui!Please testify!I agree with the invitation of He Zhangmen, please help to start contacting!As for the time and place of the competition, the rules are the same as the thunderbolt this time.I am a sign that China is truly prosperous and powerful!Because I went to fake reality!China needs reality!Please testify!