Ding Junhui’s mother died on the 30th because of illness
The World Taiwan Union Official Weibo announced an unfortunate news. At 7 a.m. on January 30, Chen Xijuan, the mother of the famous snooker athlete Ding Junhui, died at the age of 55. The memorial service was held at the funeral home in Yixing on February 1 and the fans were also there.Expressing sorrow on social platforms, I hope Ding Junhui’s mother will go well and Xiao Ding’s grief will change.  It is reported that Ding Junhui’s mother Chen Xijuan was diagnosed with upper rectal cancer with diabetes as early as 2015, and then performed surgery and started chemotherapy. Although he experienced improvement in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in July 2016, the condition was severe in December last year and eventuallyHe died of illness at 7 a.m. on January 30, 2017.  Fans know that his mother is one of the most important people in Ding Junhui’s life. We also often see that when Ding Junhui is galloping on the field, his mother Chen Xijuan accompanies him to cover Ding Junhui’s life journey.When Ding Junhui raised the championship trophy, his mother shared the honor with him, and when Ding Junhui was abused by some fans after losing, his mother Chen Xijuan also stood up and asked those fans who were abusive, very few netizens abused, saying that Xiaohui lostIt’s embarrassing, which makes me very sad. I want to ask these people, what have you brought to your parents for your motherland?  Ding Junhui has had a lot of ups and downs in the past year, and he also shed tears after winning the Shanghai Masters Championship. When he truly won the Shanghai Masters Championship, only his father accompanied Ding Junhui to receive the award, although his mother Chen Xijuan also came to Shanghai, But because of his physical condition at that time, he was unable to join Ding Junhui on the Shanghai podium.  It is conceivable that Ding Junhui was full of pressure and suffering on the field, especially after the international championship was swept by Selby, Ding Junhui bluntly did not think about the game, and winning or losing is not important to himself. When asked why the cause is scatteredWith his own strength, Ding Junhui said he would not say anything.  Since then, Ding Junhui has achieved average results in both the British Championships and the Masters. Now we understand him better. He was unable to concentrate on the field at that time, and he previously announced that he would withdraw from the German Masters in early February and whether he can participate in the Welsh OpenThe game is also unknown.  Now that the people of Sri Lanka have passed away, many fans have expressed their condolences after realizing this unfortunate news, hoping that Ding Junhui can hold on, the dead will rest in peace, and the strong will live!And more fans are also terrified. After all, after the mother Chen Xijuan became ill, Ding Junhui has not been announced to the outside world, but has been under tremendous pressure silently, hoping that the Chinese snooker brother will turn grief into strength and cheer up in the next game.Extended reading: 2017 Snooker Masters quarter-finals Ding Junhui vs Perry game video recording 2017 Snooker Masters Ding Junhui played poorly 1-6 was swept