[Can ginger be put in soup in confinement]_ postpartum _ okay

Confinement refers to the fact that a pregnant woman takes one month or more to cultivate after giving birth. From the perspective of sociology and nutrition, confinement is the key period for a woman to smoothly pass her physical and psychological transition period.

Generally speaking, women should drink more soup in the postpartum diet, so that they can not only add water, but also provide sufficient nutrition for their bodies, such as egg soup, fish soup and other lighter soups are more suitable.

After conceiving a child, women start confinement. During confinement, women usually breastfeed their children. At this time, they often pay special attention to their diet. It is directly related to whether the diet is properly arranged.To the quality and quantity of milk, then, can women put ginger in the confinement soup?

Can you put ginger in the confinement soup?

Maternal confinement can use onion ginger garlic properly, but remember not to put MSG, pepper and other spices, easy to return to milk, do not eat maltose, haw leek, pepper, aniseed, monosodium glutamate, beans, ginseng, fungusMushrooms, eggplant, grapefruit, coriander, fungus, chocolate, bamboo shoots, oatmeal, ham, fried malt, malted milk and other foods that are easy to return to milk. Do not eat spicy foods that are cold and irritating.Foods include broth soup, lean meat soup, fresh fish soup, chicken soup and other broth. The body resistance is relatively low during confinement, so be sure to keep warm, do not catch cold, avoid colds, and do not eat with confinement.?

1, eat more iron-rich foods after bleeding and feeding your baby, iron supplementation is also very necessary, otherwise anemia is prone to occur.

If you pay more attention to eating foods containing heme iron in your diet, such as animal blood or liver, lean meat, fish, rape, spinach, and beans, you can prevent post-anaemia.

2. Reasonable and reasonable essential fats. Pay attention to supplement essential fats. The fatty acids in them are very beneficial to the baby’s brain development, especially unsaturated fatty acids, which are especially important for the development of the central nervous system.

The content of adults and fatty acid composition in the breastfeeding mother’s diet can affect the content of these nutrients in milk.

But you should not take too much. Unfortunately, the thermal energy provided should be less than 1/3 of the total thermal energy.

3. Eating more vegetables, fruits and seaweeds. The habit of forbidding or eating less fruits and vegetables after childbirth should be corrected.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin and sufficient supplemental fiber, and seaweed can also provide the right amount of iodine.

These foods can increase appetite, prevent constipation, promote milk secretion, and even provide new mothers with essential nutrients for the body.

4, eat more soups must pay attention to drink more soup.

The soup is delicious, easy to digest and absorb, or promote milk secretion, such as brown sugar water, catfish soup, trotter soup, pork rib soup, etc. Please note that the soup must be eaten with the meat.

Can you put ginger in the confinement soup?

It is okay to put a small amount of ginger in the soup in the confinement. The mother does not have to worry about being too much. Of course, you ca n’t put the peppers and the like. In addition to paying attention to the diet in the confinement, women must pay attention to rest.You should also pay attention to maintaining a happy mood so that you can milk normally.