NBA’s best goal: James Durant leads a team Harden to replace Kobe Bryant
On June 5, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the best period of the year.Kevin Durant was voted into the best tier one team, LeBron James was missed by 1 vote, and Chris Paul and James Harden were selected in the backcourt. The center was in the center.It is Joakim Noah, the defensive player of the year.  Compared with last season’s best results, the frontcourt was led by Jan Du, and the point guard was played by Paul. These three positions are exactly the same as last year.In the center position, Noah replaced Duncan, and in the position of the defender, Harden replaced Kobe Bryant who only played 6 games this season due to injury. He broke his best goal for the first time in his career.  The selection of the best candidate is voted by 125 journalists and commentators in the United States and Canada. They need to select the best one-two-three team according to the allocation of 2 forwards + 2 defenders + 1 center.Players included in the first team count 5 points, players in the second team count 3 points, and players in the third team count 1 point.  The matchup between LeBron and Durant has been the focus of the season.In the MVP vote, Durant ended LeBron’s succession, and in the selection of the best ranking, Durant won the unanimous favor of 125 reporters, and voted for the best and best team; LeBron wasHe won 124 first-level ballots and one second-level ballot.This is LeBron’s eighth consecutive year in the best tier one team; Durant is also selected for the fifth consecutive year.  In the center position, Noah won the honor today after winning the best defensive player and leading the best defensive team.He contributed 12 this season.6 points 11.3 rebounds 5.4 assists and 1.Twice 5 times, grew into a high-quality insider with both offense and defense.In his career in the Air Force, Noah has never been selected as the best experience, and this year he was directly selected as the first ladder.  Also a fresh face is James Harden, who was named to the best rankings for the first time last year and ranked among the three teams.In the past eight seasons, Kobe has been replacing one place at the best level, and now this seat is replaced by Harden.This season, Harden contributed 25 per game.4 points, 6.1 assist and 4.With seven rebounds, he led the Rockets to fourth in the Western Conference in the regular season, but unfortunately lost to the Trail Blazers 2-4 in the first round.  The last place in the Best Finals was occupied by Chris Paul. This is the Clippers guard who was selected as the best tier one team for three consecutive years. Since he joined the Los Angeles Clippers, this honor has not fallen.  The second stage of the NBA’s best goals of the year includes: Paul Griffin, Kevin Love, Dwight Howard, Stephen Curry and Tony Parker.The third level is: Paul George, Aldridge, Jefferson, Dragic and Lillard.